The conflict has left behind a significant number of landmines  and unexploded ordnance, posing a serious threat to the  safety of communities in the affected areas. The UN continued  working with the Government to build capacities to clear unexploded  ordnance and educate local communities on mine risk.     In 2022, the UN in Azerbaijan teamed up with the European  Union (EU) and the World Bank (WB) to outline its  post-conflict recovery response. The response includes  a joint recovery needs assessment (JRNA), technical assistance,  and data and analytics support in the areas of  (i) institutional support and inclusive planning; (ii) social  services and sustainable returns; (iii) resilient economic  development; (iv) environmental recovery and sustainable  energy transformation; and (v) gender equality and  social inclusion.   


12 million

USD was mobilized for mine action efforts in 2021-2024


children (42% girls) reached with mine risk education 

1,300 km2

area covered for mine surveying


schoolteachers and psychologists can response to children’s social and emotional learning needs


people (35% women, 47% children) reached with health-care services


people (22% women, 36% elderly and 21% young persons) received humanitarian assistance