Vladanka Andreeva
UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan

"2022 was a special year. We celebrated the 30th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s membership in the United Nations. Over the course of three decades, the collaboration with Azerbaijan has transitioned from assistance to partnership-based cooperation. There is now another story unfolding across the country. It’s a story of the people of Azerbaijan, who have marshalled their resources to move the country forward, to recover from both COVID-19 and the protracted conflict."

In 2022, the UNCT family continued to support Azerbaijan on its sustainable development journey with focused efforts in five priority areas: inclusive growth and decent work, effective public and social services, data and policy analysis, climate action, and gender equality. In the centre of all this work were the people of Azerbaijan, particularly women, youth, elderly, persons with disabilities, internally displaced people, refugees, migrants and victims of trafficking.

The UN worked in partnership with various stakeholders in Azerbaijan, including government agencies, civil society organizations, international organizations, the private sector, academia, and social media influencers to promote sustainable development and human rights in the country.


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How the UN contributes to the SDGs: the graphic illustrates resource allocations towards each SDG goal, based on the available resources for 2022

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These key results highlight the positive impact and progress achieved in various areas of development. They demonstrate the tangible benefits and improvements that have been made in the country, serving as examples and inspiration for others. By sharing these key results, our aim is to educate people about inclusive growth and decent work, social protection and quality services, data for decision-making and policy, climate action and the environment, and gender-equitable society.
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This section covers key development trends, emerging issues in the year and their implications for national SDG priorities.


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